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  Skank Skates has been in operation since November, 1988 without interruption. For over 30 years,  we have had to pay for all of our improvements either with money from our day jobs or with the dollars we get $5.00 at a time as entry to the skate park and music venue. We need help to keep things going and to continue making improvements. Skank Skates has a rich history, spanning several decades and for those of us who have been a part of this history and have benefited from having a skatepark we can call our own, it’s time to give back!

  That worked well enough to survive on but taxes keep going up, and now our insurance has gone through the roof! Our fans support us, but they are young and cannot afford more than $5.00 at the door.

  We are quickly running out of options and new ways to try to stay afloat at Skank Skates in Southtown Springfield. We are constantly looking for more permanent solutions to insure that we can continue for years to come. We are ready to start a new non-for-profit Southtown organization that will represent all of the Southtown businesses and our community. The goal of this new organization will be to preserve and better our side of town, as well as take on new projects and improvements through grant writing and more organized volunteer work.

You can send a one-time donation or opt to donate monthly to support our cause by clicking the ‘Donate‘ button below, Thanks!

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